Remainders: Astronomers Rescind Pluto's Planet Privileges, NYC Remains…

• 2500 astronomers from 75 countries decide Pluto isn't a planet, but a dwarf planet. Copernicus has no comment. [CNN]
• 250,000 women from 1 country decide Michael Noer isn't a dick, but a COLOSSAL dick. Everyone continues to comment. [The American Prospect]
• Do The Killers need to be taken down a peg? Two new songs… » 8/25/06 5:42pm 8/25/06 5:42pm

To Do: Pharmacists, Naughty Prep School Stories, or Dr. Dog

• 1) Ted Leo and his anthemic Pharmacists make their annual stopover at
South Street Seaport tonight, this time with "ruffian punks" DC
Snipers and "hype brewing rock kids" Tokyo Police Club. Nothing quite
so punk like politically-charged lyrics on a quaint tourist-mobbed
Pier. [flavorpill]
• 2) If ever you were… » 8/25/06 3:50pm 8/25/06 3:50pm